iOS App like the android app


at first i have to say good project and gread program! I love syncthing!!!

but i habe one problem, i need an ios app, like the android app…

i know there is “fsync()” but it isn’t right for my field of application.

fsync() has not a nice design like the androdi syncthing application and it is a litte bit confused…

i need the ios app similar to the android app, and it must be for free for my friends. (i can’t satisfy them to buy an app for yust one filesync… :frowning2:

Is there a plan to migrate an nativ copy of syncthing to iOS?

I hope it’s sounds not so absurd…

There are currently no such plans, at least not as far as I’m aware. The current Syncthing code doesn’t work well on iOS due to the limitations on that platform. A separate rewrite, like fsync, is necessary. Your best bet is probably to lobby for improving fsync in the direction you need.