ionotify out of sync when switching git branch

Hi, I have a read-only share using the advanced folder watcher. In this folder is some git repos.

When the receiving client is fully synced, if I switch to a branch where a specific folder will be deleted, the receiving client gets out of sync with this message:

Puller (folder “MacLaptop” (aaaaa-aaaaa), file “htdocs/reponame/src/Models/Provider”): delete dir: directory is not empty

In this git repo in master:

Now when I switch to branch dev:
htdocs/reponame/src/Models/Provider/ folder no longer exists (it has been “deleted”). On the receiving client, it still contains just Blah.php and Class.php (and no evil files like .DS_Store, I checked)

It’s my assumption that ionotify should have noticed that those other git files were “deleted”, and should have deleted them off the receiving client as well.

I don’t think this cann be due to the watcher, as even if it only detected the delete dir, but not it’s children, the scan of the deleted dir would also remove the children. Your report is similar (if not the same) as

If you can reproduce this, please post logs with the environment variable STTRACE=model set.

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