Invalid character. Marked as invalid


I am getting this message: 2016-03-11 12:44:15: File name “Docs empresa/Facturas IDIRIA 2015/12 Diciembre/Emitidas/Documentación presentación factura 24/Doc-2015_Presentación de” (folder "Dropbox-de-verdad-Roman") contains invalid characters; marked as invalid.

I suppose this is due to the “:” symbol, is it?. How can I make this work?.

I have read previous posts on this but seemed to be a bug that was resolved many versions ago. I am running on the latest one.

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The colon character is not allowed in file names on Windows as it delimits the volume name (“C:”). Rename the file to not have a colon in it to enable it to sync to Windows.

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Thanks, it is a I supposed. Nevertheless, it is strange that it gave no error when created and stored on Dropbox… Love Unix for these things ;-).



I had the same issue when I took on Syncthing last year.

Hundreds of files with : (colon) as part of the filename had lived happily for years on OS X and DropBox, the later even on MS Windows, did not play nice with Syncthing. A rename of all affected files sorted the issue. :slight_smile:

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