Introduction from Alex, Software Architect -- I Love Syncthing

Hey guys,

I wanted to introduce myself – I am a Systems Architect, I live in SF, and I can code in most languages.

I settled on Syncthing after evaluating all the ‘secure cloud’ sharing services which met the definition of open source, and for which I could use encryption on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

I started trying Bit-Sync, and although I liked the speed… It’s incredibly fast… The fact that it was closed source makes me nervous.

Then I saw bitcasa, but I didn’t like that they have a bunch of lawsuits from former users for changing their ‘unlimited’ plans… But I do like how Bitcasa mounts as a virtual NAS ‘on-demand’ drive like NFS or SMB.

I wanted something with encryption that could be examined.

After looking into Syncthing, I realized that I could contribute to the project in three major ways…

(1) UI/UX :: I can write GUI clients in Java or C# (2) Protocol :: I can help redesign a ‘next-gen’ protocol to fix tons of bugs we have and speed things up. (3) Security :: Found couple of minor security bugs (4) Ideas :: I think we can really go somewhere with this. ' Any founders of this project or senior developers – please contact me.

Sincerely, Alex


Hi Alex,

Great to have you here!

Have you seen the github project page: GitHub - syncthing/syncthing: Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

Here you can submit issues to get those security problems fixed, or submit patches if you want to fix them yourself :smile:

Maybe you could open a separate discussion thread for your protocol ideas.


You certainly have our attention now. .)

Oh and for this, or Issues · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub depending on expected impact please. :slight_smile: