Introducer prevents "un-sharing" of folders??

I’m a bit confused of the following behavior:

Let’s say I have 4 machines sharing many folders. 3 of them (S1, S2, S3) are “introducers” to each other and share for example 10 folders. The 4-th one (S4, non-introducer, and sees all others as non-intro.) is sharing only 5 folders (with all others).

Now, I want to stop sharing one of those 5 folders with the 4th device: I remove it from S4 device. Then on form S1 I stop sharing it with S4.

But, after short while, S4 receives invitation from S1 (and others, but thats expected), and S1 shows as it is sharing again. :confused:

Is it a side effect result of using introducers? If so, seems that to successfully “unshare a folder” i’d need to “unshare” it from S1 S2 S3 simultaneously?? which would be quite difficult given that devices are not in the same geographic location…

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Here in logs, the folders are “reshared” by S1 (vouched by S2) just after I set S1 not to share them with S4…

[S1] 22:33:58 INFO: Sharing folder FOLDER1 with S4 (vouched for by introducer S2)
[S1] 22:33:58 INFO: Sharing folder FOLDER2 with S4 (vouched for by introducer S2)
[S1] 22:33:58 INFO: Sharing folder FOLDER3 with S4 (vouched for by introducer S2)

A device will add a share if an introducer tells it to. Having a bunch of introducers makes it tricky to unshare things, as they will be reshared when an introducer connects. I think the original design suggests having a single introducer in the middle, “controlling” other devices.

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I see, “single introducer” makes sense with current behavior.

In practice however, the “optimal for me” workflow was so far to have an “central node for each location” i.e.:

  • home 1 has 5 devices, one introducer
  • home 2 has 7 devices, one introducer
  • home 3 has 5 devices, one introducer
  • home 4 has 15 devices, one introducer and all introducers are introducers to each other, creating one fat network

this way it super-easy to add stuff to cluster, but as tuns out, definitely not easy to remove…

I resolved it by shutting down everything, turning on one-by-one , until everyone is separately configured, then power up all back

Theoretically, nowadays, if you remove the folder on the same device where you initially added it, the other devices should also remove it.

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