Introducer feature still requires verification

      When having a trusted device as introducer all the other 

hosts still need to manually approve any new devices that is being introduced to the network and also add the folders which are shared.

This can be a problem with a large cluster that gets new devices added.

Additionally I noticed that the name of the node that is being used isn’t the name that what is set on the introducer, which can cause confusion.

As I said on GitHub, this is a false statement. Once you set the node as introducer, you’ll need to restart syncthing on both sides.

Also, node names are resolved upon first connection.

Okay so one host is the master/introducer. Once I add a new host to this master it learns of all my existing hosts, however the existing hosts don’t learn of the new host. Instead they receive a connection request from the new host and I have to manually approve it.

They do, the next time they connect to the introducer. So it’ll propagate, but not instantaneously currently. Approving it manually makes it faster, if there’s someone alive at the GUI.

If you have 3 nodes A B C, and you want A to be the introducer, then you set A as introducer on B and C, so that B and C trust what A tells them to add.

Then if you want to introduce a new node D, you add it on A, approve A on D, set A as introducer on D, and B and C will automatically add D because A told them to next time they reconnect.

What if I add A to node D and accept it on A?

That’s fine too, it doesn’t matter.

Then I shouldn’t be receiving those popups on B and C, because that’s what I’m doing.

You need to restart A for B and C to pick up the changes, otherwise D will try to connect to B and C once it gets introduced by A and cause popups.

It appears that I need to restart each host before they get the latest list of devices from the introducer. (or at least it takes some time for the devices to receive the new list?)

Which means once A - D connection is established I restart A. Then D receives the other devices. Then I need to restart all the other devices so they get the updated list from A. Wouldn’t it be better to automatically have the introducer push updates or if a new device is connecting check for updates with the introducer?

Additionally device names set on A are not being used on the other hosts, instead the first part of the device identification ID are being used as name.

This means I need to rename each and every device on each and every host.

Suggestion 1: Each device decides it’s own name and automatically informs connected devices of the name. (e.g device B has it’s own name set, this name is shared among all devices)

Suggestion 2: Introducer shares it’s customized name for each device to all other connected devices.

Final issue is that when establishing a connection it’s sometimes refused by one of the host because it’s still awaiting approval. Perhaps it’s an idea to have the device that previously refused the connection to automatically initialize a new connection to the device once it knows the it is approved.

  1. Already happens of the device name is not set.
  2. Potentially, but it kills #1, there is already ticket for that
  3. It happens automatically within 60sec by default.