"Introducer" automatically shares folders instead of just devices. Is this a bug?

How to reproduce:

  1. Remote device B enables setting introducer for local device A. → Device A is introducer.
  2. Have multiple other remote devices C, D, E, F, …
  3. Have folder X on remote device B that is shared with local device A. Folder X is also shared with devices C, D, E, F, …
  4. Stop sharing folder X with devices C, D, E, F, …
  5. Restart Syncthing
  6. Folder X will again be shared with devices C, D, E, F, …


  1. Folder X will not be shared with devices C, D, E, F, after Syncthing has been restarted.
  2. Only (new) remote devices will automatically be shared, but not folders.

I think the “add devices” description is just imprecise. The introducer functionality adds devices and shares the mutual folders with them, or the adding would be ineffective. What you experience is expected.

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Fair enough

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