Intermittently disconnecting

Seedbox.txt (4.0 KB) Windows PC.txt (52.9 KB) I’m experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with Syncthing.

Whenever a large transfer’s initiated, my connection to either the remote Seedbox I’m pulling from gets disconnected, or my connection to the internet altogether gets interrupted. I have Syncthing setup to “Receive Only” on my Windows computer.

Currently, I’m not even able to access the Seedbox. Before it seemed more local. Now I’m wondering if the issue may be on the remote end of things…

Either way, it sounds like I may have to do some troubleshooting outside of Syncthing, however, I thought I’d give it a shot and see if maybe someone could be so kind as to look at the logs to help me isolate the issue - that way I know what targeted path to pursue for next steps. Fingers crossed It’s something that can be fixed in the settings.

Thank you!

Things like changing folder settings require devices to reconnect, so if you are fiddling with settings, the connections will break. The one breakage visible in the logs just points to switching to a better connection type, which is normal, so you probably need to gather more logs to explain the problem.

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