Integrating syncthing with owncloud

I made some programs for better integration of syncthing with owncloud.

The first program uses syncthings event interface to scan synced files in owncloud so they are instantly available there.

The second program is a versioner compatible with ownclouds versioning. Versions generated by syncthing are named like owncloud versions so they can be seen in the web interface. Trash is currently not supported: When syncthing deletes a file it is still put in the versions folder but owncloud does not display them, you need to browse the version folder on the file system to see those… It includes a clean program to automatically clean versions like the staggered versioner does.

Code and release can be found here:

If you need a release for another system (currently only linux 64bit available) tell me, but the chance you need to build yourself is high since running php for the scanner possibly has to be done in another way…


This is very interesting. But not sure if I fully understand the goal. My goal with OwnCloud would be to have a web interface to view files, pick them download/copy/move/delete them. Not to sync them. That should be done by Syncthing. I would try to use Syncthing as much as possible and only use Owncloud to actually access/browse through files. Though a permissions/user management system would also be nice (which Owncloud has).

Would your programs help me with this goal?

I have Syncthing set up on Rasberry Pi 2 at several locations (home and with parents) running OSMC which is based on upstream Debian.

I only sync with syncthing, that was also my goal.

The scanner makes sure that new files instantly appear in the owncloud interface (without they are sometimes not visible due to caching), the versioner part allows you to browse versions created by syncthing in owncloud.