Integrate Syncthing with Nextcloud and Owncloud

Hi all, first time post. See Nextcloud github issue #8384 by clicking here. Integrating Syncthing into both Nextcloud and Owncloud could address their long desired LAN Sync and Delta Sync needs referenced on github. Perhaps it could also allow Syncthing users to run the mobile apps these projects provide for iOS, etc. Curious on what others think…

Having multiple Sync backends sounds like a good idea imho, especially when they integrate nicely.

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Thanks for suggesting this integration but keep in mind that Syncthing needs more than just a webserver with PHP and MySQL so this is probably not going to happen. Also if I read the issues correctly the ownCloud team is already working on delta-sync code which the Nextcloud team can merge later.

I’m using nextcloud alongside syncthing at the moment. Just install syncthing, let it sync up then install nextclound and add the syncthing folders as external storage, works fine.

My reason for setting it up this way was due to nextcloud having no headless sync client/way to sync between nextcloud servers so that would be a useful feature to add along with delta sync.

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One thing is that NC or OC offers encryption, if ST is integrated it means that we could have end to end encryption.

Thanks for your thoughts! Syncthing offers lan sync and delta sync and works headlessly. I’d love for the two projects to have more integrated file and activity features.

Curious for your thoughts on this conversation from the Nextcloud discourse about Lan Sync and Syncthing Integration.

Is there anyway to use syncthing external storage in Nextcloud while still allowing files to be picked up by the Activity app? Good question. In the settings of external storage you can set if the storage should be checked for changed files on each access. I’m not sure if this triggers the activity app (you could easily trigger an access via cronjob).

Thanks the follow up. It would be great to have a better sync integration between both products, and I would like to break my existing Nextcloud apps as little as possible. Here is a recent thread asking about improving integration1 and here is a recent github issue as well.1

Here is my feature wishlist:

  • Hopefully adopt Syncthing as a fully supported method for Lan Sync between Nextcloud instances
  • Allow Nextcloud apps to communicate with Syncthing apps as p2p, such as between mobile devices. No server available, no problem!
  • Activity app picks up changes
  • Nextcloud is able to track changes and additions of files without lulls.
  • Total disk space in Nextcloud includes syncthing directories.

Integration is probably not that easy. Is it possible that the Nextcloud server can directly talk this syncthing protocol? It would have to be implemented in php, opening ports and such stuff is probably difficult…

Could Syncthing implement a webdav api and could be used via federated sharing?

Or you run a special client software of syncthing on the Nextcloud server that can directly talk to the Nextcloud server (push notifications, update database, …).

I use webdav to backup my syncthing folder on a 1Tb Stack Transip in the cloud. There is always a latency because I rsync both only once a day, but if anything disappears and is removed from the cloud at same time, it wouldn’t be a very usefull backup. :slight_smile: That’s why I don’t use the linux app from Stack that keeps syncing the folder all the time.

Update, Jos from Nextcloud responded to this feature request and is open to input on how Syncthing/Nextcloud integration would prove helpful!