Insufficient Space syncing flatpack directory

I’m syncing between my laptop (fedora 39, syncthing 1.26.1), my desktop (win 10, syncthing 1.26.1), and my server (mint 21.2, syncthing 1.26.1)

I’m synchronising things like my game saves, system ISOs, and personal documents.

Trying to share my PPSSPP or YUZU configs between my desktop and my laptop fails with “insufficent space in folder”.

I think this has to do with these folders syncing to flatpack directories, and here’s why:

  • My laptop has plenty of free space (360GB).
  • File explorer shows plenty of available space in the target directory
  • I’m able to syncronise more non flatpack folders to my laptop with large files and small files
  • I’m able to syncronise both PPSSPP and Yuzu directories to my linux server in non flatpack directories (as simple backups)
  • Only syncing to a flatpack directory seems to cause issues.

I’ve looked through other threads about insufficent space, most of these are people saying “I’m close to the limit but it should work” or something like this. I’ve got plenty of space, the whole of fedora on a single partition with plenty of space.

I’ve only found out about syncthing today, and it’s lookling like a briliant tool, I’m wondering if anything can be done to solve this issue, maybe I’m missing something ?

Could you explain what you mean by “syncing to flatpack directories”?

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On my laptop, syncthing is attempting to sync to /home/pierre/.var/app/org.ppsspp.PPSSPP/config/ppsspp/PSP

Actually, I’ve encountered a new issue which is that on restarting the laptop, syncthing can’t find the paths anymore, despite them definitely being there.

Nevermind, this stemmed from how syncthingy had been installed to my laptop, as part of syncthingy, which was distributed as a flatpack. The issue then wasn’t that a dnf package couldn’t see other flatpacks but that a binary from a flatpack couldn’t see other flatpack directories.

I’ve reinstalled syncthing direct from repo, and I transferred the config over, it looks like it’s working.

Flatpack does sandboxing, so I could see it being problematic to have a flatpack’d Syncthing.

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