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I’m trying to sync a folder between my PC and my Steam Deck. Both folders already have the same content. I use the local folder path on each device respectively. On my PC it’s: D:\Syncthing\ and on my Steam Deck it’s home/deck/Sync.

The folder ID is the same on both devices, so I’m assuming that Synthing will look into those both folder paths and compare the files. These files are already the same, so I’m wondering why I get this error.

Steam Deck:


I assume it’s something about temporarily storing data, but I might be wrong. Maybe it only compares the attributes of the files, such as filename, size, etc. to determine if they’re already there on each side.

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance!

On each peer/node, Syncthing maintains a database for tracking changes, so you’ll have to make sure that /home/deck/ has enough free storage available for it plus the files you’re trying to sync from your PC.

A database for just 125 GB of data shouldn’t take much space. Maybe even less than 100 MB. If you’re really seeing the “insufficient space on disk for database” errors, then this likely means that your disk space must be really, really low.

I think we apply the usual 1% minimum threshold there by default

Since this appears to be a Steam Deck that’s erroring, what variant (64GB/256GB/512GB) is this? How much free disk space does it have, per partition?

It’s possible that syncthing is trying to put its database onto a some-sort of system partition that is really tight on space, hence it’s erroring out. Perhaps there are other partitions with more free space.

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