Insufficient space for syncing

I have 4,7 Gb free diskspace, still the app stops syncing. How much free space does it need?

\Vipiteno,_paura_alla_sfilata__Krampus.mp4"): syncing: insufficient space in basic C:\Users\Desktop1\VideosDesktop [GSJNU] 21:34:31 INFO: “VideosDesktop” (pezgy-9s59x): Failed to sync 8333 items [GSJNU] 21:34:31 INFO: Folder “VideosDesktop” (pezgy-9s59x) isn’t making sync progress - retrying in 30m11s. [GSJNU] 21:34:31 WARNING: Error on folder “VideosDesktop” (pezgy-9s59x): insufficient space on disk for database (C:\Users\Desktop1\AppData\Local\Syncthing\index-v0.14.0.db): 1.0 % < 1 %

However much or little you like.

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