Insufficient Space for database

We’ve had an issue with one of the Mac Studios we’re syncing data to. The folders that are syncing are located on the Macintosh HD internal SSD (4TB).

We have 1.6 TB of space left free on that drive, but SyncThing says it has stopped syncing because of insufficient space for the database. It then points to a file in the hidden Library > Application Support > SyncThing and says there’s less than 1% of free space there. I’m not sure how that’s possible, because the hidden library is also in the same Macintosh HD internal SSD that is still showing 1.6 TB of space free. Am I missing something?


df -h /System/Volumes/Data

shows when run in terminal?

Meaning of so called “free space” on macOS using APFS is a bit ephemeral thing - how much is left depends who you ask:) Finder can give you very different answer than lower level commands. Most likely you do not really have free space… let’s see what df shows.

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Oh wow thank you! I had no idea that the storage in “About this Mac” could be different to the actual storage on the partition. We only had 33Gb left free.

Cleared up more space, syncing fine now. Thank you for solving this!

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