insufficient space error from v0.14.51 with SSHFS


I am facing an issue with the v0.14.51. First of all, here is my setup:

home computer <-- syncthing --> master server <-- sshfs --> storage servers

Syncthing runs on my home computer and the master server. However, it doesn’t write directly on this server. Indeed, the data synchronized is stored on (several) storage servers thanks to SSHFS (via AutoFS).

The advantage is that my SSHFS configuration makes it very easy to add an extra storage server with only a reduced impact on the file synchronization mechanism. However, there is a minor problem: Syncthing can’t estimate the available disk space in such a set-up.

Up to v0.14.50, there was a workaround: I would just set the minimum free disk space to 0 %, and Syncthing would synchronize.

But as of 0.14.51, this is not working anymore as I am getting ‘insufficient space’ errors. I am absolutely sure it comes from 0.14.51: I downgraded to 0.14.50, and the synchronization started again.

Could it come from ?



Maybe usage.Free >= 0 ?

So it is similar to ?

(just an idea, I don’t know Syncthing code nor Go)

Sounds plausible. You should probably raise a github issue, or even better, a PR, always doing checkFreeSpace

Yup, please do that. I did not respect that setting it to zero means disable the free disk check entirely.

OK thanks, I will have a look into that.

You know what, never mind. I want to get the fix out, I’ll write the issue myself. Thanks for finding it!

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