Installing Syncthing on Linux Redhat

I am trying to install Syncthing on my Windows and Linux Redhat machine. I am following the guide ( and it launches properly on Windows. I am having problems on Linux however.

I downloaded the linux version from the website ( I extract it, but when I try to launch the executable it doesn’t launch, nothing happens. I tried different versions from the repository, but it still the same.

I googled around and found a couple of guides to actually install the Syncthing (, but the guides use apt-get which doesn’t work on Redhat. When I try to replicate the commands using yum, I get error that the command is unknown.

For example the command:

curl -s | sudo yum add -

Results in:

Loaded plugins: dkms-build-requires, fastestmirror, priorities, security, : versionlock No such command: add. Please use /usr/bin/yum --help

Can somebody please help me install and run this thing on my Linux machine?

You can’t use apt repos on rhel, so not sure what you are trying to do.

I am trying to run Syncthing on my Linux machine.

Sure. We dont provide a rhel repo, you can download the release from github and setup startup scripts for your init system. You can also try and find a thirs party rhel repo that provides it, yet we take no responsibility for that.

Thanks. Is there a guide that I could follow to set this all up? I’m a Linux newbie, so I need something step by step.

Sorry, but not from us. I suspect you’ll find something on the internet by googling around.

There is a program called alien which will try and convert between rpm, dpkg, stampede, and Slackware file formats. However, I would advise against it as there is potential for issues when mixing packages and distros.

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