Installed on TrueNAS and Windows 10 machine (all is well so far)

Just thought I’d write a little compliment to the dev team, it may have taken a few goes, but that was only natural impatience in this switch on/switch off world!

The install went well, in big part to Lawrence Systems video, especially as I was using a mount point.

I’m going to trial it for a few months and see how it goes, then I’ll go into dependence mode :slight_smile:

All the best,

Chris UK


Just a small addition.

I did try NextCloud initially, but the biggest issue was that the mount point arrangement was far in excess of what should be reasonable on TrueNAS. Someone had kindly arranged instructions, but they are at least 10 A4 pages long, and provide plenty of opportunity for mistakes!

On the other hand, SyncThing was far easier, although it did take a few installs to get my head around it. I was looking for an ‘install and forget’ system, and it seems to be that. I’ll try it for a few months and see how it goes, especially during updates of SyncThing and TrueNAS!