Installation under Ubuntu 14.04


  Syncthing looks really great and I have just been trying to
  install it in Ubuntu 14.04. I have managed to unpack the archive.

  What do I need to do now? What command do I have to type in the terminal?


Have you seen this?

Thanks for the quick reply calmh.

Yes, I have seen this post. However, double cliking on the excecutable file just won’t work in Ubuntu. At least not for me.

Therefore, it would be really nice, if someone could just post the appropriate ubuntu terminal syntax. That’s all I need.

Thanks. Mingus

The only terminal syntax is to start the program. Something like this;

$ cd syncthing-linux-amd64-v0.8.10
$ ./syncthing

Thank you calmh. Now it works!

Just for your info: There is a new error message now. It says: “FATAL: Cannot start GUI: listen tcp __________: bind: address already in use”

Don’t feel obliged to answer it. It’s just for the record. I’ll try figure it out later.

Thanks again. Mingus.


It works. Just figured out, that I have to copy the http-address into my browser by copy-paste and go.

Now I see the web interface. I think I’ll find my way from here. Thanks again.