Install Syncthing on Red Hat Linux

Hi there I tried to install Syncthing to work with code from my laptop and then synchronize it to server. Laptop has Windows and Ubuntu, so at laptop Syncthing was installed without problems. Seems to be cloud server has a Red Hat Linux. I did not find way to install Syncthing there, thus used this manual for CentOS. Everything was ok, instead of last step from the last link above: sudo systemctl start syncthing@ it gives an error: sudo: systemctl: command not found Could you please help how to fix it…

That means that the system does not use systemd, which is confusing, as I thought Red Hat is like the first-most promoter of systemd. Anyway you need to start syncthing through the service system, that may be SysV init scripts or something else. Search the documentation of the system for startup services.

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