install Syncthing on an android box replacing a pc

I wanted to know if it was possible to install Syncthing, on an android device, for example a tv box using it instead of a pc, in order to synchronize my phone’s folders on it, connecting an external ssd to store photos, etc.

Sure, if the device running Android is using an ARM-based CPU, just follow the links on Syncthing’s downloads page:

However, if the CPU is x86-based (e.g., Intel, AMD, etc.), such as a mini-PC running Android, then it’s going to be more complicated than selecting Syncthing in Google Play and/or F-Droid.

There are quite a few Android TV devices that run much older versions of Android (the latest Syncthing for Android requires Android 5.0 or higher) and/or have a heavily customized user interface (e.g., Fire TV) that might require extra effort to configure Syncthing.

Here’s another option in case this one doesn’t work out.

I have a drive attached to my router, which shares it via smb.

I have both an Android TV and an Amazon fire stick and I use a program called Kodi to show pictures on the big screen. Also, pull from my Windows PC which syncs with the phones new photos via syncthing.

I use freefilesync software to sync the new pictures To the drive attached to the router.

Kodi Can be configured to connect to Windows SMB shares on different devices.

When you run Kodi after it’s configured on your TV there will be a photos section in the menu and you’ll be able to browse through all of the folders of pictures however you have them laid out in the file system.

Kodi is available for free in the Google play app store.

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