install syncthing-gtk on fedora 36

hello there, it’s my 1st post ever on forum. I have a newbie problem that I cant’ find any solution for it. I try to install syncthing-gtk from software center in fedora36 but I can’t find it… i searched flatpak and copied the flatpak page

install instructions which is: flatpak install flathub me.kozec.syncthingtk

but the answer was: error: Nothing matches me.kozec.syncthingtk in remote flathub

I don’t know what the problem is exactly.

any help is appreciated also some harsh advice but not too much :smiley:

Can’t really help with Syncthing GTK, but it’s probably worth mentioning that it’s quite outdated at this point (with the last update in 2019). You may want to check out if you want a similar tool that stays up-to-date and fully compatible with the current versions of Syncthing.


thank you for the kind reply. but even if it’s outdated but still showing in flatpak at least it should install. the error says it’s not found in the address. i tried the tray version but it’s not like the gui version. i think i have no other choice. thanks again

My assumption would be that you need to add the Flathub repository to your Flatpak installation first (see at the bottom after selecting your distribution).

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wow, i thought it’s installed … i could check for updates, search for flatpak apps without installing flatpak repos ?? now i did follow the command to add flatpak repos … and voila … syncthing-gtk could be installed. thanks boss for the help.

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