Install Mac App Over Base Mac Install

I installed and got running the base install of Syncthing on my Mac, running MacOS 14.3.1, but I would prefer to run the app instead.

Can I simply install the app on top?

Thanks! Mark

I don’t really understand. Do you use the syncthing daemon with launchd? If you want the Syncthing for macOS application which sits in the tray as an icon you should not run both. It is possible Syncthing macOS tray application can talk to another syncthing daemon instance. But you must know what you are doing.

For clarity, I installed the daemon when I should have installed the app instead. I just scanned the downloads page instead of looking closely.

Thanks, this answers my question. Since I’ve only has ST running for a few days, I only have a couple of files synced so far just getting things running. I can can easily start over on my mac.

Thanks for the assist!

You just can de-install the daemon. The configuration is located under ~/Library/Application Support/Syncthing and is portable between the daemon only and tray application.

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Thanks! I’ll check this out.

Did you install the daemon with homebrew and running in the background with launchd?

Sorry, I’ve been away for a few days.

I did not use homebrew, I just launched the base install from teh download page. I’m about to de-installthe daemon and install the mac tray.

Like I said earlier, if it really screws up, I really have nothing to lose with this particular link to ST. There’s only 2 test files in there that are synced.

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I removed the daemon and installed the tray app and all is working perfectly! Thanks for the assist!!

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