Insights Module for Syncthing

@AudriusButkevicius I think you are referring to the session storage. This one is indeed a local storage which is the part of DOM storage architecture. Unlike session storage, local storage is persistent and does not rely on having an open tab somewhere.

However, moving forward I am thinking to have this on csv with a continuous update on it.

One example is to that approach is here

And here is the csv file behind that graph

What do you think?

My point was that you won’t see 15mims worth of data after opening the ui for the first time. Nor will you see 15mins worth of data after opening tab, closing tab, reopening 15mins later.

I expect to have 15mins worth of data after opening the page for the first time, which means historic collection needs to happen in Go and be exposed via some rest endpoint to the UI.

I think we should slap something on top of prometheus exporter to export prometheus plus collect historic metrics for API access.

Sure, what you have sort of works, but only under specific condition of having the tab open, which will be surprising to users.

Sure Sure, i do agree on that one. This was mostly for discussing the idea and the metrics types. It was a proof of concept to show how it would look like with a quick and dirty solution if we would want to have this at the Syncthing UI :slight_smile:

While you are talking about the metrics type:

I would be interested the most about the completion over time of my neighboring devices. But you will have to see if it is worth to save that data, because as far as I know the FolderCompletion and FolderSummary events are pretty costly.