Insecure admin access

I have insecureAdminAccess enabled on all my Syncthing instances because they are all running behind reverse proxies, but periodically I see a yellow Notice box at the top of the web GUI that warns me that I’ve enabled insecure admin access, such as:

  • 2015-12-14 21:18:41: Insecure admin access is enabled.

Is there any way to disable this notice?



If it’s running behind a reverse proxy, why is it bound to not

I’ve got two devices at home with Syncthing bound to, because the reverse proxy is on a different device on the local network.

I also have a remote server running Syncthing bound to with a reverse proxy running on that machine.

It looks like the notice appears after every restart of Syncthing. Is there a way say “enable insecure admin access and don’t notify me about it again”?

Set up a password, and it will go away. There is an option in advanced config to make it dismissable, but it will still be presented every time you restart.

OK, fair enough. Thanks.

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