inotify on nfs share?

i currently have some nfs shared folders which syncthing watches and share. unfortunately “watch folder” doesn’t work because of inotify lack i guess. is there any workaround to let inotify work?

No, it’s not a thing that remote filesystems provide as far as I am aware.

inotify can only notify you about changes the current os does. So it could (should?) work on NFS for changes your machine does on the NFS share, but not what others or the server itself does on the underlying fs.

I am not so sure about the should part. It would cause confusion to the user (because it’s not immediately obvious if you are notified for everything or just local stuff), so it seems sensible for me to not support it at all, to remove the ambiguity. Again, I have not checked, this is how I perceive it.

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