Initial Folder Scan Behavior - Is this expected?

From what I’m seeing from an initial scan of a very large folder (60TB+), the scanner is going through the file system and reading every single file one by one in it’s entirety. At this rate the initial scan will take 5+ days. Is this expected behavior? If so, will subsequent update scans be quicker after this initial scan?

Yes. On initial scan everything is new (“changed”) thus needs to be hashed. On subsequent ones only changed files will be be hashed again. See

As already answered yes. I got a few TB and that took a couple hours on my machines, but each file (changed or new) afterwards is a few seconds to scan. Note the options for each folder; “watch”, and periodic. You can enable/disable/tune those. I have a folder with a lot of large files that seldom change so I set that to scan every 6 hours, another with only a few dozen short lived small sized files I scan every minute, but turned off watching.

Thanks for the clarification on this.

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