Initial Backup stalled in the middle


I installed Syncthing on a OpenMediaVault NAS, a Windows 11 PC and a Raspberry PI. The idea is to backup data from the PC and the NAS to the Raspberry PI, where a big HDD is attached. So far I installed everything successfully and backup started. However it never finishes. On both sources the transfer stoppes at some point of time (36% on one, 61% on the other). Whatever I do it doesn’t continue. I couldn’t find any hint in the log files.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Siggi

Please try to tick the “Ignore Permissions” box in the folder settings on both sides and see whether there is any difference. Screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both devices will be helpful too.

On a side note, I’d also be careful with terminology here as Syncthing is not a backup (see

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What about the 171926 files which are not synchronized? Please share a screenshot. Are their file names valid on all involved devices?

And then I would like to add the obligatory disclaimer: Syncthing is NOT a backup program. Once you get the synchronization working, you have some protection against lost computers and broken hard drives. But you do NOT NOT have backups which, for example, protects you against ransomware. Syncthing will happily spread encrypted files (encrypted by ransomware) to all your devices. Unless one of the devices implement a REAL backup, that is.

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