Inherit authentication from Introducers

Hello, I have been using Syncthing for the first time today, and I am so far very impressed.

For my use case it will be mainly used to synchronize file archives across large numbers of users, and therefore I’ll be making great use of the “Send Only” folders. It seems that for large numbers of users/peers, this could generate an annoyance because every node would need to accept every other node and give it permission to share the folder. For a “Send only” folder, there is no risk of any data corruption, and therefore the need to authenticate each node seems unnecessary.

Is there a way to make new nodes inherit the permissions to share the folder from their “introducer”? If a new node makes one initial connection with the master who is maintaining a send-only folder, then it would be nice to have all of the other peers automatically accepted so that they could contribute to the block transfers without everyone having to accept everyone else as a new user to the swarm.

I’d be interested in the thoughts of the forum users, because I have perhaps missed something important.

Kind regards, Rich

That’s exactly the purpose of the introducer feature.

Each Syncthing device connects to the server and marks it a introducer. The server will then introduce every other device with which it shares the same folders with, with that device.

Hello, Yes, but from my (admittedly novice) experience, each node then has to click in the GUI to accept the new node?

Or am I mistaken?

Kind regards, Rich

Yes, and this won’t change. You can deploy config files which has the master node preconfigured though.

OK, interesting. I didn’t see that in the documentation, but I will take another look.

So is there no way to make new nodes inherently trust and accept the others, even for the scenario of a “Send only” shared folder where no corruption from the new nodes could ever possibly occur?

Kind regards, Rich

Send only does not mean “I am the ultimate source of truth”, it means “I refuse changes from others”, but others, in send receive mode can still modify and sync files around with each other, it’s just that send only will not receive any changes.

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OK, thank you. That’s a much clearer explanation of the use model.

Sadly that means that I’d be abusing the technology to do what I want, so I think I need to look for something else.

I appreciate your help, kind regards, Rich