INFO: Puller (folder “xyz”, dir “uwv”): delete: remove : directory not empty

OK I started getting this error again. There was already a similar topic but that pretty old so starting a new one.

Here is how it happened.

I had bunch of shared folders (naturally) in one share. I deleted a lot of files from the that shared folder (.stfolder is sitting there quitely) on the Linux node because I wanted to get rid of them. On the Arm build side this did not go well, it started throwing away the messsage below.

Pull (folder xxx, dir xxxxx): delete remove xxx: directory not empty

It just prints the same messages over and over again without deleting the files in that folder on the Arm node.

edit: What is even so bizarre is that it throws these errors only for some folders but not all in that deleted folder. It looks like it deleted most of them but having hard time deleting some of them.

The story is not very complicated. I just have a Linux node and an Arm build (running on Android) node. I just delete some files from Linux but ST complains about folders not being empty on the Arm side.

Now I have to manually “sync” these folders.

I do not have regular Arm pcs to try this build anything other than my Android device.

So before implying that there must be a user error causing this, can you please tell me in what conditions this error should occur?

It sometimes happens due to ignores, and the files that are left in the directory are ignored, so we can’t delete them.

I do not have any ignores for those folders.

So basically for whatever reason ST is just having hard time deleting these things? DOes that mean that ST is not confused about the state of the folders, it is just that deleting is for whatever reason is not possible?

So there are a few known issues where it does get confused, and the issue you are seeing can potentially happen.

Ok thanks. I will try to dig those folder to see if I can see anything interesting regarding this issue.

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