Info about syncing Nas 2 Nas

Hello everybody,

Let me first tell u my environment :

I`m willing to sync from

1.HPe Gen8 microserver/OpenMediaVault(Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie),openmediavault Release: 3.0.95 Codename: Erasmus)


  1. Synology DS215j DSM 6.1.5-15254

Both of them are connected to the same router.


1.Shall this work between these twos Nases?

1a. Is it possible to sync from laptop as a correspodent/mediator between 2 Nas`s - which is in fact far more simply for someone who’s not an IT tech?

2.Is decrypting an option (on/off) ?

3.Is there an option to “remap” the files on both nas`s or just to begin from beginning/scratch?

3a.And on the and the far most important question: is it possible to continue the sync if one of the Nas`s(in my case would be DS215j) have been OFF (electrical grid)? Wat is aftermath of it?

The point of the Sync is to copy 1:1 on rarely basis.But on Nas(1)Omv does occur from time to time add new media files or deleting of old one`s.

Thank u!

  1. Try it 1a. I don’t understand the question.
  2. Transport is encrypted, syncthing does not support encrypting data.
  3. No idea what remap is. If the data is the same on both sides, syncthing should just work by noticing that there aren’t any differences
  4. Syncthing doesn’t care how long you were off, it will try to reconcile the global voew of the data and generate conflicts if A and B both modified files while they couldn’t talk.

Most of stuff is covered in the docs, so I suggest you start there.

1.OK. 1a:Is possible to sync 2 Nas devices via laptop without connecting Nas 1&2 directly? i presume answer is no!

2.What i ment is: is possible to make an unencrypted transport as an option? I presume it`s not as far as i readed!

3.Does Syncthing have a log file with with a “data tree-maps,files” or is it all “on the fly-memory/cpu proces”. Let me explain: At this momment im using rsync in a way that i dont like-if house get without electricity,no more rsyncing except all from the beginning(copying 3TB of data). Now the question would be: Is the Syncthing able to read what files are allready on both Nass OR i need to delete all files on "backup-DS215j"Nas and than begin from beginning?

4.Thank you very very much for that answer!!! That is what i was hopeing for!!!

1a. Yes, laptop can be the intermediary, yet I suspect you’ll end up with quite bad performance and random things being out of sync at random times. 2. It’s not possible to disable transport encryption. 3. Syncthing does incremental sync, based on what’s already there (even if it’s partially downloaded).

Once more thank u for all answers, a specialy under 3. wich makes me happy!!!

Two thumbs Up!!!

Why not use the --partial flag with rsync. I love Syncthing for some things but rsync is faster and less resource intensive for a one off one way transfer.

@ Kluppy,

rSync is going via “Remote mount” plugin.And unfortunately if DS215j is OFF there is no syncing anymore.

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