Info about configuration, addresses and ports

I found about Syncthing a couple of days ago and proceeded to abandon btsync. I successfully synched at the first try my phone and my Debian/stretch server and laptop when the three of them were in the same local network (work). However, sync failed when I took my laptop home. It took me a long time to kind of diagnose the problem and to figure out a solution. My server has a fixed address so I replaced its ‘dynamic’ address by its ‘actual.address:22000’ in the configuration of the other devices and asked for port 22000 to be opened at work. Before attempting that simple solution I was quite confused, since I did get the message

‘New UPnP port mapping: external port 51759 to local port 22000.’

when starting syncthing in the server, until I realized that my server has two network cards, one attached to a router which manages a small network in my own office, and another one that opens to the internet. The upnp port mapping was being done by my own router for my small office network. I have to confess that I knew nothing about upnp until yesterday.

My question is, was the relevant information for solving my problem somewhere in the documentation (I searched through it and I goggled my problem but I didn’t find it: I could have missed it)? If not, maybe simple test cases might be included as examples, i.e., how to connect two devices that use dhcp, one that uses dhcp and one with a fixed address, two with fixed addresses.

Syncthing is working very nicely. I use it for synching my keepassx encrypted password files between devices, and several work related directories. I’m am strongly recommending it to my colleagues.


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The information that incoming connections to port 22000 need to be allowed somehow is in, however there are no good examples like what you ask for. It would be great to have some real world scenarios and their solutions added to the documentation. Of course not every situation can be covered, yours for example with the dual homed server is probably on the unusual side, but still.

Contributions to the documentation are very welcome. GitHub - syncthing/docs: Documentation site is the place to start. :smile: (I’m not pointing this at you specifically, but anyone who feels like adding to the docs.)

Thanks! I’ll try to contribute. Menawhile, I’m familiarizing myself with the system.