Infinite loop

One of my devices loaded the entire processor core for an hour (occured after pc restart).

Restart solved issue.

Some details:

  1. Low-priority cpu usage
  2. The database changed slightly, about 200 kilobytes per hour
  3. I have 3 local network connections between devices (eth, tun, tap)
  4. In logs i see connection errors to 3 my devices, all of them encrypted (may be encryption not problem, only this 3 devices have all data, other devices smaller)
  5. Logs for 3 devices have no data for large portion of time

Device: doom

doom.log (522.8 KB) av-server1.log (55.5 KB)

av-server2.log (56.4 KB) orangepizero.log (56.7 KB)

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