Incremental sync - system only at 30% - how to max out

I’m running

  • Syncthing v0.12.17, Linux (64 bit)
  • synology NAS 415+,
  • 64bit Intel Atom C2538,
  • Quad Core 2.4 GHz, 2GB RAM

Disk are in RAID, mirror.

So the profiler on windows shows me strange results, but it seems that most of the time is spent accessing the db.

I guess it’s likely if syncthing’s database lives on the same volume as the volume you are syncing to, it might become slow.

I can confirm db is on the same volume as data. Based on the screenshot above, HDD read IOPS are at about 120. Based on wikipedia, 10k SATA3 HDD should do around 125-150IOPS, so it really seems HDD are already maxed out. But yeah, it seems this reusing process is a bit slow, but I guess there’s nothing much that can be done right now;)

Well try putting the db in a separate volume, and I expect you will see an improvement, as in this case it’s potentially just disk thrashing, and doubt it’s todo with syncthing

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