Increased Control Over Download Priority

Hey all. I have sevral artists all working from home currently syncing their project folders to our master server. This project involves everyone gathering footage on their own and sharing it with each other.

The problem with this at the moment is that some of the footage is quite large and some is quite tiny. Right now there’s a 10 GB MOV file clogging up the tubes while a clutch of 5 MB images wait in line behind it. I know you can prioritize the first couple files but is there any way to exert more control? Prioritize some files and de prioritize others?

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Right now, you can set the file pull order to “Smallest First”. Then, if you pause and resume the folder, the files will get reordered by their size. Not the most comfortable solution, but it does work.

You could also use multiple folders to separate the files by their size. This way, both folders will be synced simultaneously.

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You can “bump” individual files in the out of sync list, yet they still have to wait for the current file to finish.

That was the first thing I did right after posting this and it fixed the immediate problem.

Your second idea is interesting though. So create multiple syncs for different priority levels of files?

Yes, something like that would work :wink:. You could also use some kind of a temporary folder for quick emergency syncs.

Just for the record, if changing the existing folder structure is problematic, another workaround could be to share a child folder of the current one. When doing so, I would advise to ignore that child folder in the parent folder’s ignore patterns, so that both do not try to sync the same files at the same time.