Incorrect # of items in repo

I have a repo called “Sync” i had 489 items, ~60.2 GiB in both of them. i delete all of it but one file. on both ends. but both repos shows the original amounts in them.

i keep hitting rescan button but it does nothing.

ever once in a while it shows Out Of Sync 488 items, ~61.0 KiB

then that even goes away. but the global and local repo still shows: 489 items, ~60.2 GiB

I can’t reproduce this. What OS/architecture/syncthing version?

win7 x64
syncthing 0.95 on both machines

What does the rescan button actually do? i noticed on another repo, that when i delete a file or folder and then hit rescan, it doesnt remove the files form the repo. it shows scanning then it goes away. some time later it scans and figures out what files are deleted.

It does exactly the same as the scheduled rescan; it’s the same function… I’m curious, could you run with “STTRACE=model,scanner”, replicate this, and post the log? This seems a tad … fucked up. :confused:

i deleted the index folder and it fixed this issue. why are the keys located in

%APPDATA%/local/syncthing and in %APPDATA%/roaming/syncthing


Config (and keys, and index) is in %HomeDrive%%HomePath%\Syncthing or %UserProfile%\Syncthing. It moved once, if you have it in two places that’s probably a leftover from a very early version.