Incorrect Function error, Syncthing not updating changes

I have set up syncthing between my laptop ( win10 ) and android phone. The changes made in android are reflected in pc ( within a few seconds ) but the changes made in pc are not reflected in android. They are reflected if I restart syncthing. It also displays an incorrect function error on the desktop version.

The folders are located in a cryptomator vault ( it appears as a network drive ).

cryptomator doesn’t support inotify, so you will have to disable watching and set the scan interval to a (lower) value you can live with.

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I figured as much ( about the scan interval ). I’ve set the scan interval to 5 mins, its good enough for me. Do u think it’ll have any undesirable side effects?

Disk load while scanning for changes. If your folders are small, it shouldn’t be a big deal. If they’re large and also located on a mechanical HDD though, it may very well have negative impact on system performance.

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