Incorrect devices status on Android

Recently I’ve been transferring big files from android device elsewhere, and I’ve noticed that the native UI display remote devices as either “Disconnected” or “Up to Date”, but never “Syncing”, even when it actually does.

Opening WebUI shows correct device state while syncing. So seems to me that something went wrong with android side of the app in the recent versions.

For me it’s easily reproducible - just drop a large file in the shared folder.

Is it a known thing / somebody else faced it?

Hi, in former times syncthing did not show syncing status for outgoing data but only received data. Recently it can show in the webgui but the android app has not catched up yet on its code side. A new status on the rest listener has to be translated into a fitting gui text.

@scienmind could you please open a ticket on Github, I can have a look at it then.

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Issue submitted:

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I’ll try to have a look soon-ish (sometimes next week, if nothing comes up).

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