incoming and outgoing rate limit not taking effect

I have set the incoming and outgoing rate limits to as little as 4, as much as 50, and there is no effect. I did this on the local machine and on the remote server I am syncing with. I still get up to hundreds of kB/s flowing, which sucks up so much bandwidth other local computers lose their connection to the remote server.

Linux Mint 17.1 Mate 64bit

I am using NeoRouter for a VPN connection, which uses port 32976.

I use NeoRouter because it allows peer-to-peer networking, which should allow syncthing to operate within the whole network.

Do you think it is the NeoRouter VPN? Might there be some other issue going on?

By default Syncthing doesn’t apply rate limits to computers on the same LAN as itself. The VPN adapter probably appears as a local LAN connection. You can turn this off (thus making rate limits apply everywhere) in the advanced options.

Thanks Jacob, that solves a lot of problems. Can you tell me what file holds the local LAN connection setting? I need to run a script that sees if a laptop is in the office (can connect directly to the office router) and change the local LAN setting appropriately.

This is an awesome project. And, thanks for your prompt reply.

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It’s in your config.xml

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