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I am syncing a directory across 4 devices but one of those devices is hardly ever online together with any of the others and unfortunately none of those devices is always so, so often I find that it does not have the most current version as it does not find any of the other devices to sync with.

So I was wondering is there a good way to bring some cloud storage (Dropbox, Google-drive etc) into the mix so that I would also sync the shared directory to the could where it would be always available.

Evidently I could periodically copy everything manually onto Dropbox or retrieve it from there but I am looking for a solution where I don’t have to remember to manually sync anything - what I am basically looking for is an “always on” extension to my syncthing-setup that would allow a device to be up to date all the time.

Does anyone have a tip on how to do that?

Many thanks!

Each peer must be running Syncthing, so storing files on Dropbox, Google Drive, pCloud, and/or some other cloud storage unfortunately won’t be of much help for your particular use case.

If your directory doesn’t require hundreds of gigabytes of storage, and subscribing to a hosting service is an option, a VPS (virtual private server) could be just a few dollars a month.

Alternatively, Raspberry Pi or other similar SBC acting as your Syncthing “hub” server should cost less than $100.

I haven’t tested this, but it just might work for you. There is a free trial from It lets you mount your cloud drive as a local disk drive. Your Google drive will simply be another drive letter with folders.

Do this on each computer that needs a particular folder available 24/7.

Give the trial a try.

Good luck.

rclone’s mount could do the trick as well, without any cost.

Just took a look at it on the web. rclone mount

Figuring out how to mount a windows drive letter to a Google Drive is a mystery to me the other program I’m referring to has a simple graphical user interface for windows and just works out of the box. Been using it for years.

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