Include STNOUPGRADE in systemd service?

I’m just wondering if I should open a pull request and add STNOUPGRADE=yes to the systemd service files. IMO the service files provided are intended to be distributed by linux distributions within a syncthing package. For example arch linux just takes the ones we created. So syncthing will be upgraded by their package manager (pacman, apt-get, yum, …) rather than by itself.

What to you think about it?

I think that in those packages syncthing should be compiled to not have upgrade support. If it still does, because the user downloaded a release from github and set it up himself, it’s probably a good thing if we permit upgrades?

You are probably talking about the -no-upgrade flag? Sorry, I missed that one in the frist place and I also think that this is the best solution. Thank you for clarifying.

The flag to the build script, yeah.