In Syncthing you can make a "receive only" folder and a "send only" folder, but why can't you make a "receive only what you want" folder?

I don’t get why in Syncthing there is not the possibility to chose what files to download on a given device. This would make Syncthing much more palatable to replace proprietary cloud services in the mobile market!

Do you mean

Yes, the GUI may not be as user-friendly as those of the proprietary solutions, but the functionality is here. I’d say there is actually more functionality, since you can use wildcards, ranges, exclusions, etc. Popular cloud providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar have got no such capabilities, i.e. they only allow selecting and deselecting specific folders.

Perhaps @Syncman is suggesting that we add a more user-friendly way of creating a new folder with a .stignore file containing:


Perhaps when a user clicks Add Folder, the tab named Ignore patterns could be renamed Add/ignore patterns, and that tab has an unchecked checkbox named Ignore all files by default. If the user checks this box, Syncthing adds the above to the beginning of .stignore.

Yeah, the current ignore patterns UI is definitely an example of a UI written by and basically for programmers and power users :slightly_smiling_face:.

There was a pull request that implemented a tree like the one used in Restore Versions, which also added checkboxes next to the items. You could then switch between “simple” and “advanced” modes to manipulate the patterns. There were massive performance issues though, which will have to be solved if this kind of a file list tree is to become the new default mode.

Some minor tweaks to the current UI could be doable, couldn’t they? For instance, I think it’d be nice if these were clickable.


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