In a central server setup, how to "introduce" only servers?

In our org, peer to peer syncthing failed, in that noone ever ran syncthing, we had tens of thousands of conflicts, it was not possible for a new starter to get the share, and we ended up with hundreds of devides in everyones list, most of which were defunct.

To solve this, we have setup 2 syncthing servers. We want to connect each person to one server, and have them automatically see the other server, but not all the other staff.

so User1 wants to share. We open the UI on Server1, and add User1 device. We then send User1 the Sever1 device, and they have to add it. There are no introducers as such.

Now User2 does the same thing

Both users are syncing via the server. However, if server1 goes down, we want they to carry on with server2. If we add Server3 later, we want this to be visible to all users also.

Is something like this possible? Or would we always need to login to server1, add user1, then login to server2, then add user1, and user 1 would need to manually add both server1 and server2?

No, this will have to be done manually. Each user wil have to add server N.

Best way would be to create some kind of admin wrapper for the 2 servers. Easiest scenario: all users get the same folders:

  1. Start the wrapper
  2. Paste the device id of the new user
  3. Click don

The wrapper would then get the config from both servers, add the device to devices and to each folder and then post the config.

Though the user would have to accept bother servers request for the device itself and each folder.

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