Improve Android Settings Layout

It’s rather complicated right now, and might be difficult to understand for new users.

Everything in “Syncthing Options” and “Syncthing GUI” should probably go into an “Advanced” screen (with categoris “Options” and “GUI” maybe). Are there other things that should be changed, or different ideas?

All feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Felix,

Once I finish the implementing the new Web GUI, I could possibly work on mockups for the android app. Would you be interested in that?

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Not to derail the topic, but oh do tell! I’m planning on re-implementing the Web GUI for native Windows: if you’re implementing a new version of it I’d be very interested in timescales, etc.

I’m not sure when I will have time to finish implementing it, hopefully sooner rather than later but you can check out the design here and discussion relating to it here:

Of course, that would be cool.

I just can’t promise that we implement it very soon, there’s just so much to do D: