Images are not indexed at Android OS level part II


the problem still persists:

When I sync new photos/pictures from my NAS onto my Pixel 6 pro, they will not show up in the Photos app while they can be opened from the Files app.

Android seems to run some job during charging over night as the photos magically do show up in the Photos app the next morning.

Anything we can do to see the photos in the Photos app right after sync?

I think we do what we are asked to do by Android, however that doesn’t work for everyone.

Someone needs to debug this and understand why this is happening, and improve it.

The app is in maintenance mode so I would not expect anyone to look at this. You’d need to find someone who is able to do this and cares enough about this.

I suspect it might be rom/vendor related, i.e., the behaviour might be ok on a different phone, or a different brand of phones.

Have you compared the behavior of the Google Photos app for detecting new additions with a different Gallery app? I have the Simple Gallery app and it picks up new photos as soon as they’re synced. It’s been a while since I quit relying on Photos but as I recall part of the reason was that the Photos app had the kind of delay you’re describing with the sync.

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