Ignoring folder from device since we are configured to

Not Connecting device

I’m afraid this post doesn’t contain a question which anyone can answer. Please reword it so that other people can understand what you’re trying to say.

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I guess new user missed the notification ontop of the syncthing gui when a new share is being announced by the fellow node.

Just restart your syncthing and you will see notifications and adding folders and adding devices again.

Or maybe its even related to the current problems with connections of the 0.14.40 version.

Please try one node at least with 0.14.41-rc.6 version from the forum overview or directly on github

He most likely pressed ignore when the prompt came up. There is no easy way to unignore, you’d have to manually edit the config while syncthing is offline, or add the folder/device manually.

Thank you sir manually editing config file worked.

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