Ignoring files of a specific extension?


I’m looking for a way to exclude just a specific file extension (.bak) - I have tried adding the following (to all of the servers) to the ignore list but they still come up as unsynced…


(and the above in lower…just in case ((no pun intended)) )

How do I keep these files from syncing? They are eating all my disk space!

Well isn’t this what you want?

I think **.bak should be enough (haven’t tested).

Not sure, but perhaps the problem is that they already got picked up by indexing?

I thought so too, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve restarted them multiple times and the issue continues to occur so I don’t think its an indexing issue.

EDIT: Yes I don’t want them to sync, but I get that “overwrite” button telling me that I have unsynced files - it shouldn’t be showing this for these files and I use the presence of that button to verify that everything legitimate has been synced.

You have a master folder setup somewhere, hence why the override button, hence why it might not sync properly. Index issue can only be fixed by reseting the index (-help) on all nodes simultaneously.

How do you do that?

Yes I have a master folder setup - essentially we set up a deployment server, and 6 servers that sync from it. We want to keep the .bak files on the deployment server (master) but not have them sync to the servers since they have less disk space available.

Check out -help. You’ll need to do the reset simultaniously on all machines.