Ignoring Files is Definitely Confusing...will this work?

Root Folder on MAC OSX is:


Naturally there’s a crap ton of files in a standard user profile.

I want to exclude everything except certain selections.

I would presume that the following would first include everything in the Documents folder then exclude everything else relative to the root folder.


Is that correct?

What effect would the following have versus the previous setting?


Lastly, if I wanted to include ONLY photoshop files from all folders and sub-folders of the user’s profile, would this be the proper ignore setting?

!*.psd  <-- Include all photoshop files in the user's entire profile folder structure.
**  <-- Exclude everything else.

It will be expensive, as you still have to crawl everywhere to find those photoshop files, but it should work.

Expensive regarding initial scan time, or repeated scanning?

This particular user has a habit of saving PSD files all over her profile instead of in an organized structure, and since I don’t want to pick up 50GB of data, including all of the other file types in her profile, this seems to be the only way to do it.

Oh…so what if I wanted to find all *.psd files but only in specific file paths?


Would that be the way to do it?

As soon as there is a “!”, everything is scanned, and there are no optimisations, even for anchored unignores.

This will mostly be ok, as filesystem watches should help out, but I suspect there is a lot of cruft in the home directory in general which will repeatedly trigger filesystem watches.

So it might be better to create multiple folder syncs in the folders that matter.

Maybe, you need to try it out and see what happens.

In the middle of that process…just trying to avoid additional trial and error.

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