Ignoring, (?d) prefix, @eaDir folder

Devices : 3 Synology NAS DS215j Running Syncthing v0.13.2 Sharing a big folder of media files

Each subfolder containing one or more media files contains one hidden folder @eaDir containing subfolders and temporary files.


At the moment, .stignore contains on each node :


If I remove the SOME_MEDIA folder on one node, the other nodes display :

[REDACTED] 10:52:45 INFO: Puller (folder "BIGFOLDER", dir "SOME_MEDIA"): delete: remove /volume/BIGFOLDER/SOME_MEDIA: directory not empty

I thought that prefixing @eaDir with (?d) would allow deletion, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I tried the (?d)@eaDir/** pattern too, but it doesn’t seem to work too.

Any ideas on how to handle deletion of those ignored @eaDir subdirectories and their respective content when deleting directories ?

Raise an issue on github.

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