Ignoring content is folder but still syncing files out

Hey! :slight_smile: I would like to see a subfolder on my sync, but not sync his content to my computer. However, I would like to put files in the folder to be sent to people Is their a way to achieve this or is it totally impossible to have kind of this partial one way sync? Where i don’t receive but still send files in the folder


Sounds like Syncthing is not the right tool to meet your requirements. Its goal is a continuous all-way sync, with some tiny features tacked on for better control over the local data.

You might have better luck using Syncthing as intended just to distribute data, then use some other tool to copy / move specific parts from the synced pool into place where you need them, in the desired direction.

I understand thanks! I had some luck using ignore patterns to get some folders in a hierarchy without files in it, and that way i can still create folders in it. However i didn’t succeed with files and i guess it’s impossible right cause these i’d have yo receive the ones from others

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