I want to be able to delete the pictures that my phone uploads IN THE PHONE, without those deletions being replicated on my backup device. The folder in my phone is setup to send only and the ignoreDelete command is set up in the backup device. Still, when I delete a photo in the phone, it gets deleted in the device as well. What am I missing?! Thanks.

First the usual disclaimer: Data synced with Syncthing, regardless of folder settings, is not a good backup. Use a dedicated backup program to actually create backups of your data on your backup device.

That should work like you describe it. Double check it’s really set on the right folder. Next thing I’d check is the config file (or post here). Or logs with model debugging enabled from such a deletions.

Thanks, is there any specifics to the syntax? It’s just ignoreDelete in the ignore patterns of the folder, right? No colons, no commas, no slashesh, nothing…?

the ignoreDelete option has absolutely nothing to do with ignore patterns.
ignore patterns define which files (local or remote) should be ignored.
ignoreDelete is an advanced option (inside the folder sections in the advanced config) which is a checkbox.

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I don’t see such an option, here it is:

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That’s not where you need to look. Main screen, top right corner: Actions -> Advanced. And please, please, please do read what’s written in red there!

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Thanks, I located it, I was looking in the wrong place…

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